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Being a laser snake is so cool, right? You will move around a huge map in the form of a laser snake in and your mission is to try to become the most dangerous snake on the map. This free-for-all Slither Style game pits you against other laser snakes directed by real human players. There is no mercy here! Because everyone has to kill each other for reaching the top spot on the leaderboard, and so does you. You move around the map carefully trying to make the enemy snakes hit themselves, your tail, or even the map border. To make them crash, you have to use some good strategies. They will not be able to escape away from your attacks. When they die, quickly collect all the foods they dropped. Your field of view will be grown gradually, which helps you see more people and food. Don't forget to give your snake a speed boost so it can go catch all the targets easily or dash away from dangers. Do you think that the top rank on the leaderboard will be yours? Good luck!
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