Play it now at Silver Games is an RPG team-based Power-ups game dropping you into a fantasy world full of other players, side quests and plenty of game modes to master. You are given some options to decide what character, class, and race you will have. When everything is ready, you can enter a clash to finish off all enemies. lets you work with a team, meaning you will have to team up with your allies, stick with them as well as combine all abilities together so as to fight off the opponents more easily. You will make the most out of your sword to deal damage to all other players standing in your way. Defeat all wicked bosses, kite weaker foes away from bosses and give them no chances to outplay you. The game will be a great chance for you to put your might and your wits to a test when you go against the armies of fantasy creatures and other real human players. The point is whether you lead your team to the ultimate victory or not? Play it now!
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